Our hope is that through our generosity and service Mission Lakewood would be changing the world.

In Our Neighborhood And In Our World

Local Compassion

Because our church exists to captivate families with Jesus, we have a goal to spread the love and gospel of Jesus right here in Lakewood. In September of 2022 we were connected through a local organization to the Barcelona apartment complex. This community includes many families who could use our help. Each month we gather with the residents to share meals and get to know them. The main goal with this outreach project is to support people in Lakewood while sharing God’s love for them.

In the months past we have started to see this relationship flourish and are excited that we are welcomed and asked for regularly. A big part of this outreach is to meet the needs of the community by establishing foundational relationships. Through these relationships we are able to see how Mission Lakewood can better meet these needs. Past efforts here have included Christmas gifts, Easter egg hunts, Thanksgiving turkey giveaways, and more.

We recently started a clothing bank for the residents and now we are working towards putting together resource packets to help meet needs. We would like to start a tutoring night in the next school year as well. We are excited to continue to support these residents and build trust and community so we can better live out our mission as a church.

International Compassion Partner

The Micah House provides a loving home for children growing up on the streets of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Our church partners with the Micah project through missions trips, monthly giving, and more. We have been supporters of the Micah Project before our church even began! To learn more visit: The Micah House.

Michael Miller recently visited Mission Lakewood!