Mission Kids Relaunch!

Here's all you need to know about how we will keep Mission Kids safe and fun...even during COVID-19.

Mission Kids Relaunch!

On September 13, 2020...we will relaunch both our church and our Mission Kids ministry at Three Trees Chapel. We want to continue to provide as many options as possible for families to be able to worship together during these challenging times...

...with that, Mission Kids will be available in THREE different styles, depending on your level of comfortability as a family.

1) Livestream Gatherings

We will continue to provide a Livestream of our services at 9am MST each Sunday morning for families that would prefer to worship from home.

2) Family-Friendly In-Person Gatherings

Our in-person gatherings will continue to be family-friendly, meaning they will be a bit shorter than typical, and include a specific part at the beginning of service just for kids!

3) Mission Kids In-Person

We will be relaunching Mission Kids gatherings for families comfortable dropping their children off during service. The following are the steps we will be putting in place to assure that these gatherings remain safe!

A) Temperature checks at check-in

Each child will be checked outside prior to entering the Mission Kids environment. As per state standards, kids with a fever of 100.4 or higher will not be admitted. Please continue to follow our existing sickness guidelines as well.

B) Cohort--style

We will consolidate our spaces from 3 down to 2. We will have an area for babies and toddlers combined, and an area for preschool and elementary combined to cut down on intermingling.

C) Outdoor space

Weather-permitting, we have an outdoor tent at the facility that we can utilize to offer some outdoor space for our gatherings.

D) Stay in place

Rather than children going with parents to worship after check-in, children checking in to Mission Kids will remain in the Mission Kids environment from drop-off until pick-up.

E) Masks

All leaders will wear masks throughout our gatherings, however as per state guidelines masks will only be required for children over the age of 10.

F) Cleaning

All toys and surfaces will be sanitized and disinfected following every gathering in order to continually provide equipment and environments that are safe and clean.

Of course, as guidelines and recommendations change we will continue to update our policies and procedures to maintain the utmost level of safety while still providing an in-person space for our kids to worship and have community together! If you have any questions, feel free to email jeremy@missionlakewood.com.