Invitations Change Eternities

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The Power of Invitation

What is so powerful about inviting someone to church?

What is the real impact of asking someone nine little words, after bumping into them in the produce section of the grocery store, or when you go to pick your kid up from school, or in line at the coffee shop?

Nine little words: “Would you like to come to church with me?”

It's All About Jesus

The truth is that those words could be the catalyst for someone to experience the love of Jesus for the very first time.

Because people who don’t go to church typically don’t want to go to church. Especially alone.

It doesn’t matter how engaging the worship is or how dynamic the teaching is, people are most likely to start coming to church because they have been invited by a friend.

It’s great to go to a church that is friendly, but it’s even greater to go to church with a friend.

Invitation is a big part of our church community. It is a driving force that deepens our community and keeps us focused on people experiencing the love of Jesus.

We truly believe that invitations change eternities.

What if...

We also understand that inviting others to church, even close friends, can make us uncomfortable. The “what if” questions can overwhelm us:

“What if they say no?”

“What if they think I’m weird?”

“What if this changes our relationship?”

But how about taking those thoughts and focusing instead on the “what if” potential:

“What if they say yes?”

“What if they are hurting and need church?”

“What if they have been waiting on me to invite them to church?”

How To Invite Someone To Church

Here are a few simple steps to make inviting a friend or family member to church less intimidating.

Step 1: Pray for God’s help - Not only does this help prepare our heart and theirs for invitation, it reminds us that any growth that happens is because of Him, and not us.

Step 2: Make a plan - In the busyness of life, it becomes really easy to miss opportunities for invitation if we don’t have an idea for how to accomplish it.

Step 3: Start the conversation - Begin with a question like “Do you go to church anywhere?” and then be intentional with how you follow up and engage in the conversation.

Step 4: Make it relational - Invite them into your home for a meal, offer to take them out after the gathering. Opening yourself and your family to a new relationship will also provide community that their life may not have right now.

Step 5: Focus on Jesus - Invitations aren’t about numbers. If invitations truly do change eternities, it is because they are merely the start of someone’s journey with Jesus. Inviting people to church also gives you the chance to invite them into a relationship with you that should reflect Kingdom love. Don’t get so lost in the process of inviting that you forget the person.

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